Working Schedule for UPS test on July 14th, 2008

The "Plan"

This is a rough plan of actions which need to be performed on that day (all times are CEST=UTC+0200)

time frame TASK depends on responsible
10:30 mount TRX-100 into Rack number 24 and program it to use only 3 uplinks, i.e. port groups of 24,12,12 done HF
10:30 Mount Allied Telesys switch in rack #24  
12:00 Move CX4 cables (3 cables needed to go to TRX in rack #24, 8 more cables need to go to Sun boxes, max 10m cables!), cables can be taken from 2. BA (4 x 6m), 4 x 10m (from TRX in rack #30), 4x ?m (from rack #11)    
12:00 s07 has no 10 Gb/s card, mount that   SG, AP
12:00 put riser card plus extra network card into atlasdb server    
12:00 remove cable management system from s02,s05,s06    
12:00 reboot the EFX   HF
12:00 h2 needs to get the new network card   AP
12:00 h2 needs to get 2 GByte Cache back   AP
12:00 Take 10 Gb/s network card out of d30 and install it into h4   AP
12:00 move FAI Server to rack 24 TRX-100 installed MS
12:30 all head nodes finally get their management network connected   SG, HK
15:00 - 16:00 test the new power strip NIC firmware upgraded HF, AP
12:00 - 15:00 move management hardware into the right rack TRX-100 installed CA, Schrauberhiwis
12:00 - 16:00 install the new firmware version on the node nics   HP, HF
12:00 - 16:00 transfer home directories to various x4500 and check whether they are exported properly cabled and arms removed CA
16:00 - 17:00 transfer snapshots of the remaining user from s01 to somewhere and reinstall s01 are the other snapshots done HF
14:00 heat shutdown test NIC firmware installed MS
17:00 - 17:30 UPS shutdown test all software and hardware installation done HF, CA,MS
17:30 Reset passwords on UPS management card (can be done while UPS is running) shutdown test done CA
automatic node shutdown (nut)  
Monitoring of heat,systems opening of doors of one storage rack
figure out the OIDS for the battery charge status and onbatt status done
17:30 reboot of the DDC UPS test done HF, CA
any time Put labels on the back of Sun Servers   Schrauber
any time Label data servers network ports  
any time Move 10 GB/s network card in s11 to slot #0  
any time Put 3 cables from h1,h2,h3 headnodes eth0 to TRX in rack #24  
any time Put 4 cables from 4 headnodes eth2 to Cisco line card #5  
any time cable every IPMI, RAID and eth3 port of any non-sun node in racks #11-14 to management switches  
  cable every NIC#0 from s01-s12 to ProCurve(?) switch to be placed in rack #12 or 13, uplink that to TRX in #24 (needed only for installation) all sun work has been done  

later cable every eth2 of data server to Cisco line card #6  

18:00 - ???? seismic tests Krause


  • About 10 installed Thumper
  • Plan about $HOME snapshot migration
  • detailed cable plan
  • monitoring systems on c0 + laptop (extra battery if UPS runs out of power)
  • flashlights
  • get as many students as possible - put list below
  • Cut power to external coolers - need to notify electrician?


Who will be here during that day:

Name time
Henning Fehrmann 12:00 - late
Carsten Aulbert 12:00 - late
Alex Post 12:00 - late
Miroslav Shaltev 12:00 - late
Henrik Kröger 12:00 - late

-- CarstenAulbert - 05 Jul 2008h
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