Working Schedule for UPS test on July 14th, 2008

The "Plan"

This is a rough plan of actions which need to be performed on that day (all times are CEST=UTC+0200)

time frame TASK depends on responsibleSorted ascending
10:30 Mount Allied Telesys switch in rack #24  
12:00 Move CX4 cables (3 cables needed to go to TRX in rack #24, 8 more cables need to go to Sun boxes, max 10m cables!), cables can be taken from 2. BA (4 x 6m), 4 x 10m (from TRX in rack #30), 4x ?m (from rack #11)    
12:00 put riser card plus extra network card into atlasdb server    
12:00 remove cable management system from s02,s05,s06    
any time Label data servers network ports  
any time Move 10 GB/s network card in s11 to slot #0  
any time Put 3 cables from h1,h2,h3 headnodes eth0 to TRX in rack #24  
any time Put 4 cables from 4 headnodes eth2 to Cisco line card #5  
any time cable every IPMI, RAID and eth3 port of any non-sun node in racks #11-14 to management switches  
  cable every NIC#0 from s01-s12 to ProCurve(?) switch to be placed in rack #12 or 13, uplink that to TRX in #24 (needed only for installation) all sun work has been done  
12:00 h2 needs to get the new network card   AP
12:00 h2 needs to get 2 GByte Cache back   AP
12:00 Take 10 Gb/s network card out of d30 and install it into h4   AP
12:00 - 16:00 transfer home directories to various x4500 and check whether they are exported properly cabled and arms removed CA
17:30 Reset passwords on UPS management card (can be done while UPS is running) shutdown test done CA
17:30 automatic node shutdown (nut)   CA
17:30 Monitoring of heat,systems opening of doors of one storage rack CA
17:30 figure out the OIDS for the battery charge status and onbatt status done CA
12:00 - 15:00 move management hardware into the right rack TRX-100 installed CA, Schrauberhiwis
10:30 mount TRX-100 into Rack number 24 and program it to use only 3 uplinks, i.e. port groups of 24,12,12 done HF
12:00 reboot the EFX   HF
16:00 - 17:00 transfer snapshots of the remaining user from s01 to somewhere and reinstall s01 are the other snapshots done HF
15:00 - 16:00 test the new power strip NIC firmware upgraded HF, AP
17:30 reboot of the DDC UPS test done HF, CA
17:00 - 17:30 UPS shutdown test all software and hardware installation done HF, CA,MS
12:00 - 16:00 install the new firmware version on the node nics   HP, HF
12:00 move FAI Server to rack 24 TRX-100 installed MS
14:00 heat shutdown test NIC firmware installed MS
any time Put labels on the back of Sun Servers   Schrauber
12:00 s07 has no 10 Gb/s card, mount that   SG, AP
12:30 all head nodes finally get their management network connected   SG, HK

later cable every eth2 of data server to Cisco line card #6  

18:00 - ???? seismic tests Krause


  • About 10 installed Thumper
  • Plan about $HOME snapshot migration
  • detailed cable plan
  • monitoring systems on c0 + laptop (extra battery if UPS runs out of power)
  • flashlights
  • get as many students as possible - put list below
  • Cut power to external coolers - need to notify electrician?


Who will be here during that day:

Name time
Henning Fehrmann 12:00 - late
Carsten Aulbert 12:00 - late
Alex Post 12:00 - late
Miroslav Shaltev 12:00 - late
Henrik Kröger 12:00 - late

-- CarstenAulbert - 05 Jul 2008h
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