For the new LDG repo-set , we are trying to use aptly as a potential successor to reprepro.

The goals are:
  • support various Debian and Ubuntu releases
  • allow for a "transitional" state, i.e. new packages enter "proposed" before they are moved to production
  • snapshotting to go back in time in caseof failures
  • ideally changelog messages with automatic (email) notification

getting started

We start with a backported 0.9.6 version of aptly which is the minimum version to import .changes files. Creation of the repos is done by

cat ~/.aptly.conf
  "rootDir": "/srv/LDG",
  "architectures": ["amd64", "i386"]
mkdir -p /srv/LDG
for i in jessie stretch trusty wily xenial; do aptly repo create -comment="staging repo for $i" -distribution="$i" ${i}-proposed; aptly repo create -comment="production repo for $i" -distribution="$i" $i; done

Show stopper:

Discovered that aptly requires the orig tarball to be part of the .changes file which is not covered by the Debian reference. This is covered by Bug #278 but target is moving....

-- CarstenAulbert - 12 May 2016
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