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Areca test 2


check if the controller repair the drive while reading bad sectors

HDD prepare

  • use the same setup like in Areca test 1
  • create a file with partition size


/dev/sda8 2.0G 36M 1.9G 2% /opt

 dd if=/dev/urandom bs=1M

1979+0 records in

1978+0 records out

2074959872 bytes (2.1 GB) copied, 325.844 seconds, 6.4 MB/s


/dev/sda8 2.0G 2.0G 0 100% /opt

  • copy it to another node
  • find out which secotrs are used

 fdisk -lu /dev/sda 

/dev/sda8 52494368 56688639 2097136 83 Linux

=> start sector: 52494368 => end sector: 56688639

  • damage the whole drive!!!

 # confiure the script here THINK TWICE
 until [ $LBA_SECTORS -lt 5 ]; do
 make_bad_sector $HARD_DRIVE $LBA_SECTORS
 let LBA_SECTORS-=2;

    • this was too slow,so a new loop is running with step 10000 (aprox. 5MB) using damage tool ultrafast_make_bad_sector

HDD end

  • the drive is back in the storage server

Volume Set Information

Volume Set Name SYSTEM

Raid Set Name RAID

Volume Capacity 1500.0GB

SCSI Ch/Id/Lun 0/0/0

Raid Level Raid 6

Stripe Size 16KBytes

Block Size 512Bytes

Member Disks 4

Cache Mode Write Back

Tagged Queuing Enabled

Volume State Degraded

  • the red front led of the HDD case is lighting and there is a strange sound

from the event table

2008-1-31 14:22:4 IDE Channel 3 Device Failed(SMART)

  • copy the file to the other node again and compare

 cmp --verbose 

no output => same data

  • reboot -> the problem with the drive remains

  • try to check the volume

 cli64-1.72 vsf check vol=1


GuiErrMsg<0x43>: VolumeSet Not Normal.

  • the hard drive is working again, but i needed to write some special values from /dev/zero to the drive using dd, while connected through USB, so that the SMART system cannot turn the drive off in the boot procedure
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