Atlas Server Matrix

This matrix tries to summarize the current situation of Atlas, i.e. which server are available

name cores freq RAM disk CESorted ascending CS E I specials
atlas1 8 2.33 16 7500   X X X gsiftp,www
atlas2 8 2.33 16 7500   X X X  
atlas3 8 2.33 16 7500   X X X gsiftp,www,testing
atlas4 8 2.33 16 7500   X X X Condor master, please take care(!)
gpudevX 4 8 2.33/2.4 400       X 2 GPGPUs, developer machines with special allocation, don't use w/o asking!
gpuXXX 4 2.0 12 600 X       gpu001..gpu066, 4 GPGPU cards, details available through Condor
nXXXX 4 8 2.4 400 X       n0001..n1675
titan1 8 16 2.3 400 X X X X  
titan2 8 16 2.3 400 X X X X  
titan3 8 16 2.27 400 X X   X  

name of the machine, should always work for the inside, i.e. ssh , if externally accessible, try the suffix
number of processor cores
amount of installed RAM [GB]
single core frequency [GHz]
amount of disk space installed (usable by user, usually available under /local/user)
Condor execute machine, number of slots denoted; usually the user does not need to log into these nodes
Condor submit machine
machine is connected externally
machine intended for interactive usage (please take core not to overwhelm the machine(!))
Grid FTP server (port range 40000-45000)
http/https server, serves ~/WWW as ~username (http/https) and ~/WWW/LSC as protected ~username/LSC/ (only https)
This machine is running packages from the -proposed branch, thus you might encounter problems from time to time!
Condor master
This is the main Condor machine doing the brokerage between jobs and resources, don't bring this machine down!
These machines have either Nvidia C1060 or C2050 cards installed
Range of available machines, e.g. n0001..n1675 means nodes n0001, n0002, n0003, ..., n1675 are meant

-- CarstenAulbert - 06 Dec 2010
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