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ClusterMonitoring Description We need to monitor frequently various values in the cluster. See Ticket here: https://n0.aei.uni
Condor Job on Hold How to get the output: condor_q awk '/ H / {print $1}' xargs n 1 condor_q long grep HoldReason Error: Failed to open file Error Message...
For Users * General Introduction for Users * Useful Items * How ATLAS stores files * ErrorMessages and how to fix them (not updated) General Document...
Logcheck mail locations, related scripts and other mail locations on postfix server Log mail location on postfixserver logadmin account 1. Normal logcheck mail...
NIS Developed at SUN as "Yellow Pages" (see name of commands,configuration files) is a client server directory service protocol. Visit a NIS HOWTO Configuration ...
NEW - 13 Mar 2008 - 09:05 by Fehrmann
NodeTests Tasks to do: Initial work (HP) Manual work * Blank disk of node, wipe by: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda; sync * Put MAC address into DHCP table o...
NEW - 29 Nov 2007 - 18:25 by Sebastian
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