How to find bad blocks on hard drives

Testing hard drives with bad blocks:

  1. smartctl -a /dev/sdb
  2. badblocks -b 512 -p 1 -t random -s -w /dev/sdb
  3. smartctl -t long /dev/sdb

Typical output for a bad disk will look like this:
# badblocks -b 512 -p 1 -t random -s -w /dev/sdb
Testing with random pattern: 268435392435392/      976773167
268435449435449/      976773167
268435452435452/      976773167
268435455435455/      976773167
Reading and comparing:       109394688/      976773168                

This means that sectors 268435448-268435455 have issues. -- CarstenAulbert - 28 Aug 2008

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