How to create a build farm.


Install the necessary base packages

 sudo aptitude install pbuilder cowdancer reprepro rebuildd

  • pbuilder: package to build Debian packages
  • cowdancer: speed up pbuilder builds
  • reprepro: Create repository from built packages
  • rebuildd: manager for rebuilding packages

Install the latest debootstrap available. That means for building packages for Debian only, just take the latest one from sid, if you want to build both Debian and Ubuntu packages take the latest one from Ubuntu, since this extends the Debian one. Usually, this can be installed simply by e.g.
 sudo dpkg -i debootstrap_1.0.3build1_all.deb

Try to find it here for Ubuntu [13]

Configure first build environment

Create a build user
 sudo adduser dbuild
and log in as this user.

Make some directories:
 cd $HOME; mkdir cow config result-deb build

Create a config file as described later under 1. Configuration files and create the build environment
 fakeroot cowbuilder --create --configfile=config/cowbuilder-amd64-gutsy

Configuration files

These are pretty minimal configuration files:

Finally, here is the sid config file with annotation:

 # which distribution?
 # where to place the final .deb packages
 # where to build the packages
 # base path of cow (copy on write) master directory
 # which mirror to use for downloading stuff
 # which components are included?
 COMPONENTS="main non-free contrib"
 # correct the UID of final packages to
 # where to store the already retrieved packages

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