How to build Matlab

Before Installation

You need: matlab installation cd ( or iso image ), pbuilder, installation key, license file to activate the product, ping licserv should work

Installation and Package Build

  • login in pbuilder jail
  • mount your installation source ( real cd or loop mount iso image )
  • run 'install' from where your source was mounted

ATTENTION You NEED an X environment. If you do text mode installation, which is possible, you will need X later to activate the product and then your license file will NOT be accepted!

  • do full installation with matlab root '/opt/matlab/$matlabversion'
  • do sym links in '/usr/bin'
  • when the installation is complete copy/move '/opt/matlab/$matlabversion' to your build directory
  • create 'DEBIAN' directory ( you may want to use the one from the current package ) and edit the control files
  • in 'postinst' you should take care of the sym links right now

ln -s -f $MP/matlab /usr/bin/matlab
ln -s -f $MP/mbuild /usr/bin/mbuild
ln -s -f $MP/mcc /usr/bin/mcc
ln -s -f $MP/mex /usr/bin/mex

  • do not forget to remove the code above in 'postrm'
  • build with 'dpkg -b builddirectory pkgname.deb'

-- MiroslavShaltev - 11 Sep 2008

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