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Cisco IPX

Category: Network The first step is to gain the Cisco device an ssh connect, we must connect with the blue(!?) Console-Cable with the one side to the PC-Com slot and with the other side to the Cisco-Com slot

 ///// SSH connection/////////
 configure terminal
 ca generate rsa key 512
 ca save all
 ssh outside

Thist example shows how we can allow ciso ipx accept ssh connections from our subnet.

to connect via a web-interface use some of the addresses from the network Then type in in your browser

Important Commands

    Associate a network with a pool of global IP addresses.
       [no] nat [(local_interface)] id local_ip [mask [dns] [outside |
            [norandomseq] [max_conns [emb_limit]]]]
       [no] nat [(local_interface)] id access-list acl_name [dns] [outside |
            [norandomseq] [max_conns [emb_limit]]]
       [no] nat [(local_interface)] 0 access-list acl_name [outside]
       clear nat
       show nat

            Create an access list, or use a downloadable access list. (Downloadable access lists are supported for
            RADIUS servers only).
                access-list  object-group-search
                [no] access-list deny-flow-max n
                [no] access-list alert-interval secs
                [no] access-list [id] compiled
                [no] access-list id [line line-num] remark text
                [no] access-list id [line line-num] {deny | permit}{protocol | object-group protocol_obj_grp_id
                    {source_addr source_mask} | object-group network_obj_grp_id [operator port [port] |
                    interface if_name | object-group service_obj_grp_id] {destination_addr | remote_addr}
                    {destination_mask | remote_mask} | object-group network_obj_grp_id [operator port [port] |
                    object-group service_obj_grp_id]} [log [[Cluster.DisableDefault][[level]]] [interval secs]]
                [no] access-list id [line line-num] {deny | permit} icmp {source_addr source_mask} |
                    interface if_name | object-group network_obj_grp_id {destination_addr | remote_addr}
                    {destination_mask | remote_mask} | interface if_name | object-group network_obj_grp_id
                    [icmp_type | object-group icmp_type_obj_grp_id] [log [[Cluster.DisableDefault][[level]]] [interval
                [no] debug access-list all | standard | turbo
                clear access-list {[id] | [id counters]}
                show access-list [[id] source_addr]
                Restricted for use with the prefix-list command:
                [no] access-list id deny | permit {any | prefix mask | host address}

         Supports Cisco VPN Client Version 3.x (Cisco Unified VPN Client Framework) and Easy VPN Remote
             vpngroup group_name address-pool pool_name
             vpngroup group_name authentication-server server_tag
             vpngroup group_name backup-server {{ip1 [ip2 ... ip10]} | clear-client-cfg}
             vpngroup group_name default-domain domain_name
             vpngroup group_name device-pass-through
             vpngroup group_name dns-server dns_ip_prim [dns_ip_sec]
             vpngroup group_name idle-time idle_seconds
             vpngroup group_name max-time max_seconds
             vpngroup group_name password preshared_key
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