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installing the new nodes

We get 336 new nodes and fill all together 8 Racks

EFX recabeling

Each TRX has only three uplinks to the EFX.

UPS interlock system

GTE, NTC and Mr Fuhrmann switch off the UPS entirely and install an interlock system

Rack doors

Rittal exchanges the doors for the file server which opens automatically when the rack inside temperature reaches a critical value.

exchange or repair the rails of S04


ImageSize = width:800 height:142 PlotArea = width:720 height:112 left:65 bottom:25 AlignBars = justify

Colors = id:16BIT value:redorange id:16BITFADE1 value:orange id:16BITFADE2 value:lightorange id:9XLINIE value:green id:9XLINIEFADE1 value:yellowgreen id:9XLINIEFADE2 value:limegreen id:NTLINIE value:magenta id:CELINIE value:skyblue id:black value:black

Period = from:09.00 till:20.00 TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:1 start:09.00 ScaleMinor = unit:year increment:1 start:09.50

PlotData= align:left textcolor:black fontsize:8 mark:(line,black) width:28 shift:(3,1)

bar:Rack11-14 color:16BIT from:10.00 till:12.00 mark:(line,16BIT) from:12.00 till:16.00 color:16BITFADE1 mark:(line,16BITFADE1) at:10.00 text:rack doors at:12.00 text:s04 rails

bar:UPS color:9XLINIE from:10.00 till:13.00 mark:(line,9XLINIE) at:10 text:UPS interlock exchange

bar:cabeling color:9XLINIE from:10.00 till:12.00 mark:(line,9XLINIE) from:12.00 till:16.00 mark:(line,9XLINIEFADE1) at:10.00 text:cabeling at:12.00 text:reconnect the EFX

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