Conserver is a server/client program enabling to pool console connections. The upstream page is at, in Debian the packages are named conserver-server and conserver-client.

IPMI set-up

Using the files from this tutorial and modifying the expect script slightly

--- solsession  2004-07-19 16:43:14.000000000 +0200
+++ /usr/local/bin/solsession   2008-08-20 14:13:57.686206387 +0200
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
        exit 1

-if {[catch {exec ipmitool -I lan -H $hostname -E sol setup} msg]} {
+if {[catch {exec ipmitool -I lanplus -H $hostname -U root -E sol activate} msg]} {
        puts stderr "Whilst enabling SOL on $hostname - got error:\r"
        puts stderr "$msg"
        exit 1

the consoles can easily be set-up with the attached configuration file (bottom of this page).


  • attach to consoles (encryption support?)
  • generate events on nodes/make them appear in log files?

-- CarstenAulbert - 20 Aug 2008

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Description This page describes the IPMI set-up for Conserver, a server-client program enabling to pool console connections.
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