How to disable KM1/2 and use KM4 manually

In order to disable KM1/2 and temporarily run with KM4 only, the following steps are needed (please monitor that each change does indeed what we intent to):

  1. open valve near free-cooling LKA0085KL02
  2. open 3-way valve near KM4 fully: set LKA0083KV02 to Auf
  3. enable pumps P1.1 and P2.2
  4. also enable dry coolers LKA0083KM01 and LKA0083KM02
  5. change set-point for KM04 to 8C
  6. check that all pumps/valves are working as expected, KM04 should now be flooded with warm water
  7. enable KM04 (LKA0083KM03)
  8. wait for KM04 to start and run continuously for a few minutes, i.e. ensure enough warm water is fed to machine
  9. disable KM1/2 at OPK controller (all off)
  10. disable one of two pumps feeding cold water from KM1/2 to buffer, e.g. P8.1 (LKA0091KP01/02, please check before operating)

That should be all there is.

To go back to normal operation, just reverse the steps outlined above, usually allowing some time for changes to kick in.

-- CarstenAulbert - 26 Sep 2016
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