Condor submit examples

A couple of example condor scripts:

Simply start script1 on 5 CPU cores on any node in the cluster with a fixed argument of 60. Unless specified the defaults are 1 CPU-core, 500MB RAM and 0 GPUs. Note that setting the account_group is mandatory, otherwise the submit daemon will reject the submission:
Executable = /work/user/bin/script1
Arguments = 60
accounting_group =
Queue 5

Start multi-threaded jobs requiring 5GB RAM for optimized and 8GB RAM for default template banks:
Executable = /work/user/bin/script2
accounting_group =

# write stderr into one file per process, relative to directory where job was submitted
Error   = logs/error.$(Process)

# also write jobs' stdout into different files
Output  = logs/output.$(Process)

# write a log file about the status of all submitted jobs into the submit machine's /local directory
Log = /local/user/username/bns.log

# job batch 1 goes here
Arguments = --path-to-data=/work/user/data --template-bank=optimized
RequestCpus = 4
RequestMemory = 5000
Queue 100

# job batch 2 goes here
Arguments = --path-to-data=/work/user/data --template-bank=default
RequestCpus = 4
RequestMemory = 8000
Queue 100

-- CarstenAulbert - 29 May 2019

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