How to change a failed disk in DDN's SFA10000

  1. log into controller, e.g. fc10k1
  2. show pool and show phy should tell, which pool and which disk failed, e.g. pool 102 and disk 264 failed
  3. show pool 102 all shoud show the degraded pool
  4. show phy 264 the location of the disk, in this case:
    Encl|Slot| Vendor |     Product ID     |Type|Cap GB | RPM|Revision|    Serial Number   |Pool|State | Idx|State |       WWN       |
       4   49 Hitachi  HDS723030ALA640      SATA    2794 7.2K MKAOA5C0 MK0331YHH58GRA       UNAS FAILED  264 READY   5000cca225d07d2c 
  5. verify that the spare pool 134 is not part of any other pool by running show spare 134. If any storage pool idx are reported you need to remove these first by running set pool 116 spare none assuming pool 116 was linked to the spare pool before.
  6. now replace the disk, if you need to locate the enclosure (4 in this case), run = locate enc 4 all_on true=
  7. pull out the enclosure carefully and replace the faulty drive in slot 49 (in this example) with the new one.
  8. switch location beacons by locate enc 4 all_off true
  9. find new disk via show phy, the new disk is currently in status UNAS, in this case the idx is 652.
  10. assign this disk to the spare pool: assign phy 652 to 134
  11. assign degraded pool to use spare pool: set pool 102 spare 134
  12. check via show spare 134 all and shwo pool 102 and show job

-- CarstenAulbert - 13 Jun 2013

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