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How does automatic environment setup work? This page explains how the automatic change of your environment works and how you can prevent it completely or opt-out of some choices
Clean the local scratch directories of compute nodes With a simple command you can clean your scratch space on all Atlas' compute nodes
How to clean up your $HOME Try to clean up old files by placing them into tarballs (with compression to save time and hassle)
How to compile tempo2 on Ubuntu-AMD64 This pages describes how to compile tempo2 on Ubuntu-AMD64 which does not work properly initially
Simple Condor dagman HowTo for beginners When running many jobs on the cluster which are too intense on a file system Condor's dagman might be invaluable
VDT openssh on Debian Squeeze Rebuilt packages for Debian Squeeze to get around incompatble changes in openssl
How to monitor the current LIGO Data Grid or Atlas status? Look here if you want to know who loaded Atlas or other LSC cluster are
How to use gridftp This page describes how to use gridftp to send files to Atlas
How to use GSI enabled ssh on Windows How to use GSI enabled ssh on Windows
Cannot login to machine - gsissh gives openssl error openssl is very concious about correct system times - this can bery likely stop you from logging into a system
Keep X.509 proxy alive after log-out Simple scheme to keep a X.509 proxy alive to be accessed by Condor/cluster jobs even when you are not logged in.
How to use ligo_data_find/how to find data files If you need to find various data files, this is the right page for you
Local ssh configuration How to create shortcuts to log into hosts while setting special values ona per host basis
Available LSC packages This pages lists available LSC packages in our repository
Possible danger when Matlab's LD_LIBRARY_PATH might interfere with system libraries Matlab's environment variables might set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to use Matlab's (outdated) libraries which might result in segfaults
Problems with X11 when connecting with MacOS? X to headnodes If you run MacOS X and experience problems running X based problems on the headnodes, you might find the solution here
Running compiled Matlab codes under Condor There are a few possible problems one needs to address otherwise jobs might fail or never run
How to protect a web page with .htaccess Using htaccess file to protect some directories from too nosy surfers
How to recover a deleted file yourself Use ZFS's snapshots to recover a file you accidentelly deleted
How to use the Redmine bugtracker This page gives a basic tutorial of how to use the redmine bugtracker
Running Octave scripts on ATLAS Some tips and pitfalls when running Octave scripts on ATLAS
How to mount your Atlas home on your computer It's failry easy to mount your cluster home on your laptop
How to use ssh without a password This pages shows the three steps to passwordless ssh (without ssh-agent).
How to verify a S/MIME signed email (X.509) How to verify a S/MIME signed email (X.509)
Where shall I put my (Condor) log files? Placing Condor log files in the right location may speed up the execution of them
How to connect to the network of Max-Plank Institute with VPN This pages explains how to connect to the network of Max-Plank Institute with VPN
Creating LSC-only web pages If you need to create web pages only visible for LSC users, this page describes how you will get started.
How to get your personal GridKa-certificate This pages shows how to get your personal GridKa-certificate.
Passwordless ssh within the local atlas network Passwords can be cumbersome when logging in into individual compute nodes or running dsh
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Dynamic slots with Condor How to enable your jobs to run more efficient on Condor/Atlas
How to find out what your $HOME file server is Sometimes it is needed to learn on which server your $HOME lives, it's pretty easy to find out yourself!
HTCondor Tips and Tricks Tips and tricks for using HTCondor
Example Condor Submit Scripts A couple of condor submit scripts with some Atlas specific bits and pieces
CondorWatch web page Monitor running jobs on ATLAS from your browser!
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