adding comments

adding host comments

  • echo "[`date +%s`] ADD_HOST_COMMENT;hostname;1;author;comment" > /var/lib/icinga/rw/icinga.cmd
  • it is used on atlas1 and monitonodes in the script /usr/local/bin/

reading host comments

  • works only on monitornodes
  • it does an elinks dump
  • it is used on monitonodes in the script /usr/local/bin/

getting a list of hosts with a particular problem reported by icinga

  • it uses the icinga-web database
  • can combined with dsh
  • dsh -m `/usr/local/bin/get_nodes.rb "Connection refused"` -c -M "ps aux|grep nrpe|grep -v grep"
-- HenningFehrmann - 05 May 2014
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