Link aggregation on Solaris QFS clients

the switch

The HSM server are connected to switch 13 or switch 14. In order to find the right ports do a
show  fdb-table learned 00:MA:CA:DD:RE:SS

The two NICs of one server must be connected on the same FS500. Usually it is a odd port and the next even port.

In order to learn which LAGs have been configured already do a
show lag all

Create a new LAG (E.g.: LAG 5 named HSMxyz containing port 1/23 1/24):
lag 5
add-port 1/23
add-port 1/24
name HSMxyz
mtu 9044
copy running-config startup-config

the server

All this should be done via the serial console and/or a connection NOT using the myricom driver

  1. stop the nfs/server svcadm disable nfs/server
  2. Download myricom GDLv3 driver (from here), or directly by wget, then run these commands
    tar -xf myri10ge-solaris-amd64.1.4.5.gldv3.07.11.2012.tar
    cd myri10ge-solaris-amd64.1.4.5.gldv3.07.11.2012
    for i in 0 1; do ifconfig myri10ge$i down; ifconfig myri10ge$i unplumb; done
    rem_drv myri10ge
    cp myri10ge /kernel/drv/amd64/
  3. dladm show-link should now show both myricom devices again
  4. create aggregation dladm  create-aggr -d myri10ge0 -d myri10ge1 1
  5. and bring device up, please use the correct IP address here: ifconfig aggr1 plumb 10.20.21.X up
  6. get rid off old hostname files and create a new one - again replace X with the correct number
    rm -f /etc/hostname.myri10ge0 /etc/hostname.myri10ge1
    echo "x4140-X-1 netmask + broadcast + up" > /etc/hostname.aggr1
  7. reboot machine sync; init 6
  8. then enable nfs again: svcadm enable nfs/server

-- CarstenAulbert - 08 Feb 2013

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