How to configure Redmine to receive emails

Redmine settings

  • Log in to Redmine.
  • Go to Administration -> Settings -> Incoming emails.
  • Activate checkbox Enable WS for incoming emails.
  • Click on Generate a key. The generated key will be needed later.
  • Save changes.

Configure email aliases

Add the following line to /etc/aliases to receive emails (replace API_key with generated key):
redmine: "|/usr/share/redmine/extra/mail_handler/rdm-mailhandler.rb --url http://localhost --key API_key --allow-override=project,tracker,status,priority,category"

For each project in Redmine add an additional line (replace API_key with generated key and project with the identifier of the project):
redmine+project: "|/usr/share/redmine/extra/mail_handler/rdm-mailhandler.rb --url http://localhost --key API_key --project=project --allow-override=tracker,status,priority,category"

Reload Postfix

/etc/init.d/postfix reload

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