Category:Network Category:WovenSystems This Page is about our CoreSwitch. You might also want to read the TRX page.




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Access ist possible over telnet or ssh from the management-network via or 'inband' via


The console-interface is very easy to use. Type enable to get to the priviledged mode.
Available commands can be displayed typing ' ? '. The ' ? ' also displayes additional parameters for a command already typed.
 (WOVEN) # show ?
 arp                      Display Address Resolution Protocol cache.
 authentication           Display ordered methods for authentication lists
 cos                      Display class of service information.
 clock                    Display the UTC Time and Date.
 fabric-control           Display the Fabric Bandwidth Allocation.
 fdb-table                Display MAC Address Table information.
 garp                     Display Generic Attribute Registration Protocol 
Depending on which mode you are in, different commands are available.
Some commands (in config mode) as fabric-control spine mode switch features on. To disable the feature type no fabric-control spie mode.

Do not forget to save your configuration using #copy running-config startupconfig. Otherwise the Switch won't remember your changes on next startup. This also applies to the TRX-100!


In the mode one can access the files on the internal USB-Drive. Most interesting is the 'copy' command, which lets one store the 'running-config' and alter 'startup-config' of the switch. Configuration-files can be stored or loaded via tftp.
holds the configuration for the mgmt-ip's telnet and ssh access for our network. I should be loaded as a startup-config to build your configuraion on. It's also stored at and can be downloaded via tftp.


For some reason a file has to exist on the server, if you want to put it there. Otherwise the tftp client reports an error.
To Upload your current configuration (in file mode):
 tftp put running-config
But make sure that filename exists on the tftp-server.


As the whole System (EFX-1000 and TRXs) had problems with the TRXs connected to the EFX via 4 lanes, without further configuraion (default config was running on the EFX), I tried out Link-Aggregation (I's called 'lag' on the EFX and Port-Channel on the TRXs) for the 4 lanes to one Edge-Switch. The Problem seemed to be that the SpanningTreeProtocol disabled ports connecting the line cards and led to very unstable performance over one Line-Card.
On the TRXs 'Static Capability Mode' (SCP) seems to enable LACP if disabled.
We have to check performance!


As proposed after the testing in Golm, the Edge Switches will be devided into 4 sections, coresponding to the 4 lanes to prevent loops.
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