what happens before the FAI installation

client Sorted ascending server provides admin action
boots kernel, mount NFS chroot FAI server NFS chroot, config tree create the NFS chroot
NICs do a DHCP request (BIOS default ) DHCP server IP address and next_server option configure BIOS; configure dhcp server
pulls the kernel, initrd , kernel options (NFS root) TFTP/PXE server kernel, initrd, kernel options  
pulls the PXE config TFTP/PXE server PXE config file provide a PXE config file
starts installation scripts in NFS chroot FAI server NFS chroot, config tree configure the classes properly

class concept

basic idea

file* x   x     x
headnode x x   x    
s* x   x x x  

The mapping, which class belongs to what host is configured in /srv/fai/config/class/50-host-classes .

what a class can do

  • partition hard drive ( /srv/fai/config/disk_config/class_name )
  • install software according to a package list ( /srv/fai/config/package_config/class_name )
  • executes scripts ( /srv/fai/config/scritps/class_name/scripts )
    • copy files (/srv/fai/config/files)
    • do configuration
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