RFC: Classes list for FAI/Lenny

The Etch installation scheme with our FAI server used one class for each type of node (NODE_COMPUTE, STORAGE, ...) but this is somehow inflexible when a mixture of classes is needed and also quite error-prone in terms of duplicated package lists. Thus, I propose to move to a modular FAI class concept, where in the end a larger number of dedicated classes compose the final class.

Service Classes

This is a sample list of possible class names:

Class name purpose / packages in this class (example)
DEFAULT bare minimum list needed everywhere (vim, emacs, apt-file, htop, sysstat, iostat, ...)
ATLAS_MAIL_SERVER everything about mail server in the Atlas framework
ATLAS_MAIL_CLIENT set-up this machine as a forward only mail client
ATLAS_NIS_SERVER set-up for our Atlas NIS server
ATLAS_NIS_CLIENT set-up for Atlas NIS clients
LSC lscsoft related stuff
MATLAB_INTERACTIVE install interactive matlab environment
MATLAB_BATCH install only matalb stuff for compute nodes
DEVEL install development packages (man pages, compilers, debugging tool, ...)
LDG install LDG related things (ldg-server/client)?
ATLAS_CONDOR_MASTER master node for Condor
ATLAS_CONDOR_SUBMIT submission only head nodes (remote submission) - if needed
ATLAS_CONDOR_NODE Condor compute node
WEBSERVER install and configure basic apache
SQL_MYSQL install mysql server
SQL_POSTGRESQL install postgresql server
EXPOSED this host is exposed and needs, iptables, apticron, security.debian.org,...
hostname remember that the class hostname is always available
ARECA_4DISK_750GB_RAID6 perform any necessary actions for creating a 4 disk RAID6 array with 750 GB disks on a ARECA controller

I guess many more classes are possible, but you get the idea.

Host Classes

Unless FAI has its own way of creating dependency between classes, we probably need to write a wrapper script which maps a host class to service classes, e.g.

Host Class Service classes

-- CarstenAulbert - 06 Feb 2009

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