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Flat Fstat Metric


15:48, 16 March 2008 (CET)

Problematic result of old FstatMetric code is seen by running compareMetrics.m, and plotting the result using (git-ID: f3f667800706c92872582e2e3f14aa909ceef7a3)


'g2Ptole' and 'g2Ph' = Ptole- and Phase-Metric computed using lalapps_getMetric

The other metrics were computed using FstatMetric (lalCommitID: d05e0efe2ec393615fc65bb7dbf39315dd35bda8, lalappsCommitID: c13d7740f83622a0105c3075ea86b1d775749d3d)

Comparison of new FstatMetric_v2 to old FstatMetric code:

Running script checkFstatMetric_v2.m version (f00ea062e51f0da972ac577317a0cdbc6df93137) using lal/lalapps versions: (lalCommitID: ec33e59950eca7d7846307088b94fac010329a10, lalappsCommitID: 82d8bd7f9d581cdb55a49853a52db894785151c4)

 repr@Excession:~/work/LSC/FstatFlatMetric$ ./checkFstatMetric_v2.m
 gF_ij =
   9.4958e-02  -2.8777e+01  -1.8197e+02   9.6463e-02
  -2.8777e+01   8.7239e+03   5.5139e+04  -2.9189e+01
  -1.8197e+02   5.5139e+04   3.4871e+05  -1.8504e+02
   9.6463e-02  -2.9189e+01  -1.8504e+02   1.0350e-01
 gPh_ij =
   8.3343e-02  -2.5286e+01  -1.5967e+02   8.2773e-02
  -2.5286e+01   7.6723e+03   4.8441e+04  -2.5069e+01
  -1.5967e+02   4.8441e+04   3.0591e+05  -1.5878e+02
   8.2773e-02  -2.5069e+01  -1.5878e+02   8.7765e-02
 g_ij2 =
   8.3343e-02  -2.5285e+01  -1.5967e+02   8.2773e-02
  -2.5285e+01   7.6718e+03   4.8442e+04  -2.5069e+01
  -1.5967e+02   4.8442e+04   3.0592e+05  -1.5878e+02
   8.2773e-02  -2.5069e+01  -1.5878e+02   8.7765e-02
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