How to use GSI enabled ssh on Windows

  • Get a certificate
    • fill out the request form at Webinterface of GridKa-CA
    • in a few days you will receive an email saying your certificate is ready for download
    • go to the link specified by the email and your web browser will collect the certificate
    • this needs to be exported (example given for Google Chrome)
      • create a directory under your C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\ directory called .globus
      • in the options, click "Under the Hood" on the left side
      • in the security section click "Manage certificates..."
      • under the "Personal" tab, select the GridKa-CA certificate issued to your name and hit "Export..."
      • follow all the defaults except the first selection where you should choose to export the private key
      • store the certificate in the .globus directory you created and name it usercred.p12
  • Send your grid proxy information to the atlas administrators
    • download the globus toolkit for windows and install it (this link was found via a page maintained by the NorduGrid Collaboration)
    • Go into the start menu and select "Run..."
    • In the window that pops up type "cmd" and hit enter
    • Change directory into the bin directory under the GlobusToolkit directory that was created by the installation (i.e. >cd "C:\Program Files\GlobusToolkit\bin")
    • >grid-proxy-init
    • >grid-proxy-info
    • send the output to the atlas system administrators
  • Download the Root certificate
    • Go to the GridKa website
    • On the left hand side select "GridKa Info" and then "GridKa-CA"
    • Download and store the root certificate in a new directory called "certificates" under the .globus directory above
  • Connect to the grid
    • download the java GSI-SSHTerm
    • follow the instructions on the GSI-sshTERM Java Client for Grid Computing page
    • only need to change the hostname to in the "Host" tab and delete all the entries in the "My Proxy" area of the "GSI Defauts" tab
    • This should do it!

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