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OS hangs

Try to reset node.

OS hangs, even after reset

Possible causes
  1. hdd broken -> look if everything is well wired, change hdd, make a dos-boot
  2. RAM broken -> change RAM
  3. mainboard broken -> change mainboard

Changing a mainboard

Exchange mainboard, make sure hdds are wired on SATA0 and SATA1, change address-list dhcp-server and make a dos-boot.

Changing dhcp-adress-list

Go to failenny, for the maintenance-network type 'vim /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd_m_node.part', use '/' to go to the entry of your node, go by pressing 'i' into edit mode, change the mac-adress, press 'Esc', quit and save by typing ':wq'. Same procedure for the data-network-list: type 'vim /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd_d_node.part' instead. Restart dhcp-server, (still in failenny) type /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server restart to restart the dhcp-server.


fai-boot sets up the os and all needed software, it is a complete reset of all data on the hdd. To perform a fai-boot, go to failenny, type 'su - loki' to login as loki, type './bin/faihs-faiboot 10.10.xx.xx' (the node-ip).


dos-boot provides the newest firmware and gives a fai-boot. To perform a dos-boot, go to failenny, type 'su - loki' to login as loki, type 'faihs-dos 10.10.xx.xx' (the node-ip)

fai-installation refresh after a softupdate

Sometimes after a softupdate the node-status wasn't refreshed. The node still seems to be in the softupdate routine. Now you have to clear the softupdate log manually.
  1. Go to atlas and type " elinks --dump http://nagiosadmin:nagios@| awk '/fai-softupdate/ {print $2 }' | grep -v "|" > ~/.dsh/group/faisoft" " to collect the affected nodes.
  2. Type " dsh -g faisoft -c -M "[ -f /var/run/fai/fai_softupdate_is_running ] && rm /var/run/fai/fai_softupdate_is_running" ". Now you have deleted the log file on these nodes.
  3. Type " dsh -g faisoft -c -M "umount -f /var/lib/fai/config" " to unmount the fai-installation.
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