HSM Upgrade July 2014

This is the proposed plan, small changes may be needed

Move from x4270 to x4-2l

Moving to new meta data server should result in more file system isolation and higher performance (more/faster dedicates SSD space).

Test case A4

  1. perform final samfsdump
  2. umount A4 everywhere
  3. zfs send/receive meta/A4 to new MDS
  4. create proper mcf for new MDS
  5. mount A4 on new MDS
  6. check if all clients will accept new MDS

Full scale change

  1. umount FS on all QFS clients
  2. perform final samfsdump on all - allow 12-15 hours for that
  3. umount all FS on old MDS
  4. zfs send/receive all old MDS locla meta zvols to new MDS
  5. re-create mcf on new MDS including 6780 based FS
  6. mount all FS on new MDS
  7. mount all FS on QFS clients


Only after moving to new MDS we will start shuffling use directories around

What about

  • upgrade firmware on DDN
  • upgrade to condor 7.2
  • reboot all nodes to install new kernel
  • change HSM mount options, qfs clients will only mount with defaults, head nodes will be mounted from MDS again

-- CarstenAulbert - 26 Jun 2014
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