ATLAS Hardware Resources And Photo Gallery

This is about the hardware resources that ATLAS is based on and related photos

Computer node

There are 1680 Computer nodes. Each computer node has:

Photos to put: one rack with computer nodes, computer node with case open

Head node

There are 4 head nodes. Each head node has:
  • one Xeon 3220 CPU with 4 cores clocked at 2.4 GHz
  • 16GB memory
  • ? 9TB SATA disk
  • ? SuperMicro motherboards
  • ? SuperMicro chassis
  • ? two 1Gb/s Ethernet links

Photos to put: one head node

Linux-based data server

There are 31 Linux-based servers for central data storage. Each server has:
  • 8 CPU cores,
  • 16 GB of memory,
  • 10 TByte storage capacity(16 x 750 GB IBM/Hitachi SATA disks with Areca 1261 RAID-6 controllers ),
  • ? motherboard
  • ? chassis
  • ? two 1Gb/s Ethernet links

Photos to put: one Linux data server

Sun Fire X4500

There are 12 Solaris-based Sun Fire X4500. Each Sun box has:
  • 18-19 TByte of storage space
  • one dedicated 10 Gb/s Ethernet link.

Photos to put: one Sun box


There are 58 Rittal 42U racks. The rack:
  • is cooled by a Rittal LPC+ cooling system
  • maintains the compute nodes at 20 Celsius

Photos to put: a rack + LPC, rows of racks

Cooling system

A dedicated chilling plant, consisting of:
  • 3 external 200kW chillers
  • a heat-exchanger system

Photos to put: cooling-plant room, outdoor cooling units

UPS system

  • 640kW MGE Galaxy 6000 UPS system
  • Minimum of 6 minutes runtime to smoothly shut down the computing systems

Photos to put: UPS system, UPS batteries

Core switch

One Woven Systems EFX-1000 core switch provides 144 x 10Gb/s Ethernet ports.

photos to put: EFX-1000 switch 'in place' front and back

Edge switch

Data switch

There are 48 Woven Systems TRX-100, located inside each rack, connecting the computer nodes and Linux storage machines to the core switch for data purpose

Management switch

There are 48 Allied Telesis AT FS750/48, located inside each rack, for management purpose.

Photos to put: Data and management switch inside the rack

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