HOWTO Update ILOM Firmware

cf. ILOM Howto - Update ILOM Firmware

  • Log in in ILOM-CLI and type "version" to check
  • Download new Firmware versions (you have to register before download, but its for free), e.g. choose ilom.X4500-
  • Put this package on a tftp-server
  • Shut down Thumper (necessary? current updated did it without resetting solaris...)
  • Install ILOM by typing "load -source tftp://"

This also can include BIOS-updates. Of cause you also can do this via ILOM-Web-Interface.

So far updated Thumpers to version s02-12

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Title How to update ILOM firmeware
Description This page explains how to update ILOM firmware for the Sun Thumper.
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