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IPMI stays for Intelligent Platform Management Interface


IMPI has various purposes

It can

  • readout cpu sensor informations
  • start and shutdown the computer
  • can be used to have a remote serial console



Compile you kernel with the options


Load the modules


Some of the modules like ipmi_si have to be loaded with specific parameters. These parameters depend on the motherboard, CPU and IPMI cards and, eventually, on other things. In doubt, ask the vendor.


You need to habe an IPMI card on the mother board, eventually, with an own ethernet port. IPMI cards without an own network card can use an existing network cards.


Install the package ipmitool We had some trouble using ipmitool version 1.8.7. with configureing the users. One has to backport ipmitools 1.8.9. If you compile it, take care that the lanplus interface is included.


In some cases the IPMI cards does not work properly. You see it, if you use

ipmitool sensor .

If values like the temperature of the processors are not shown or looking strange, it meight be that IPMI card need an update. Ask the vendor for the flash image and tools. Often, only Dos tools are provided Dos .


wakeup on lan

IPMI over lan

The configuration of the server you can read out with:

ipmitool -I open lan print 1 .

It reads out channel one. Here is a list of setting for channel 1:

 * ipmitool -I open lan set 1 ipaddr x.x.x.x
 * ipmitool -I open lan set 1 netmask 255.255.x.0
 * ipmitool -I open lan set 1 password

Additionally, one needs to create a user.

ipmitools -I open user list 1

prints the user for channel 1.

  • ipmitool -I open user set name 3 a_name
sets the name a_name for user id 3
  • ipmitool -I open user set password 3 a_password
  • ipmitool -I open user set priv 3 x y
Set the privilages x for user 3 on channel y.

serial over lan

BIOS setup of the IPMI server

  • Com Port Address [On-board COM B]
  • Baud Rate [19.2K]
  • Console Type [VT100]
  • Flow Control [XON/XOFF]
  • Console connection: [Direct]
  • Continue C.R. after POST: [On]

configuration on the server side

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