We have got a power strip from Rittal and B├╝rger-Elektroniks with build-in inrush current limiter.

For a single node the inrush current limiter works as it is supposed to be. All the high current peaks disappear. We had to remove the over-voltage protection since we connected the power strip on a schuko plug.

  • We measured a voltage of 230V on the source, even without having any power consumption. This means, the NTC's have a finite resistance at this point.
  • If we consume energy with less than 0.1W (outside of the tolerance of the multimeter) and operate a LED, the inrush current limiter is still swallowing the current peaks.
  • If we consume 2W we and plug a node into the source we observer peaks of 30A for 40us.
  • Unplugging and plugging back the node within 1s creates inrush current peaks.
  • Unplugging, waiting 2s and plugging the node leads to a disappearance of the peaks, hence, the NTC's are cooled down

Taken from: Issue #56

Attached you will find the data taken from both power strips.

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-- AlexPost - 07 Jul 2008
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