Manual Matlab install

  1. Grab copy of the ISO-file from AEI's internal fileserver (ToDo: where)
  2. Mount image via loopback on computer where it should be installed: mount -o loop,ro Matlab.iso /mnt
  3. Start installer: cd /mnt; ./install (make sure that X connections do work)
  4. Choose manual installation and target location, e.g. /opt/matlab/2008a
  5. Enter File Installation Key found in FAQ on AEI intranet (do not put it here!)
  6. Also copy the license.dat file to a location where the installer can read from (e.g. /tmp/).
  7. Let the installer create symlinks into
  8. Start the installation (full one is about 2.5 GB)
  9. You should be all set now

Getting the compiler work

  1. You need to have a full Matlab installation ready (see above)
  2. Go into MATLAB/toolbox/compiler/deploy/glnxa64/
  3. Start MCRinstall.bin (needs X!)
  4. Wait until done

Package this beast

  1. Create list of md5sums from these files: cd /; find opt/matlab/ -type f| xargs md5sum > /tmp/md5sum
mkdir -p /local/PACKAGE/opt
cd /local/PACKAGE/
rsync -a /opt/matlab opt/
mkdir DEBIAN
mv /tmp/md5sum DEBIAN/

-- CarstenAulbert - 18 Aug 2008
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