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Category:Installation The install script, as of friday, may 25th 2007

 export IMAGE_NAME=system-image.tar.bz2
 cd /tmp
 echo get image ... $IMAGE_NAME
 tftp -v -c get images/$IMAGE_NAME
 echo install image $IMAGE_NAME
 cd /tmp/target
 tar xjf ../$IMAGE_NAME 
 mkswap /dev/sda1
 # create fstab from mtab
 echo "/proc	proc proc defaults 0 0" > $fstabpath
 echo "/dev/sda1 none swap sw 0 0" >> $fstabpath
 sed '/ram/d; s/tmp\/target\///g; s/tmp\/target//g' /etc/mtab >> $fstabpath
 # create
 cp -r /dev/mapper /tmp/target/dev/mapper
 cp -r /etc/lvm  /etc/lvm
 cd /
 umount /tmp/target/home
 umount /tmp/target/usr
 umount /tmp/target/var
 umount /tmp/target/tmp
 umount /tmp/target/boot
 umount /tmp/target
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