Serial Numbers and MACs of our X4500

Name S/N xge0 e1000g0 e1000g1 e1000g2 e1000g3
s01 0746AMT037 0:c:fc:0:3f:53 0:14:4f:a6:d1:f4 0:14:4f:a6:d1:f5 0:14:4f:a6:d1:f6 0:14:4f:a6:d1:f7
s02 0746AMT055 0:c:fc:0:28:5c 0:14:4f:a6:d2:ec 0:14:4f:a6:d2:ed 0:14:4f:a6:d2:ee 0:14:4f:a6:d2:ef
s03 0746AMT038 0:c:fc:0:46:e4 0:14:4f:a6:d1:a4 0:14:4f:a6:d1:a5 0:14:4f:a6:d1:a6 0:14:4f:a6:d1:a7
s04 0744AMT048 00:0c:fc:00:36:ff 0:14:4f:a6:d1:38 0:14:4f:a6:d1:39 ? 0:14:4f:a6:d1:3a ? 0:14:4f:a6:d1:3b ?
s05 0744AMT062 0:c:fc:0:46:e3 0:14:4f:a6:d3:44 0:14:4f:a6:d3:45 0:14:4f:a6:d3:46 0:14:4f:a6:d3:47
s06 0746AMT026 00:0c:fc:00:3f:4c 0:14:4f:a6:d1:e4 0:14:4f:a6:d1:e5 0:14:4f:a6:d1:e6 0:14:4f:a6:d1:e7
s07 0746AMT048 00:0c:fc:00:3e:c8 0:14:4f:a6:d1:6c 0:14:4f:a6:d1:6d 0:14:4f:a6:d1:6e 0:14:4f:a6:d1:6f
s08 0818AMT026 00:0c:fc:00:28:77 0:14:4f:20:e1:58 0:14:4f:20:e1:59 0:14:4f:20:e1:5a 0:14:4f:20:e1:5b
s09 0746AMT056 00:0c:fc:00:47:35 0:14:4f:a6:d1:78 0:14:4f:a6:d1:79 0:14:4f:a6:d1:7a 0:14:4f:a6:d1:7b
s10 0746AMT053 0:c:fc:0:3f:54 0:14:4f:a6:ea:a8 0:14:4f:a6:ea:a9 0:14:4f:a6:ea:aa 0:14:4f:a6:ea:ab
s11 0744AMT064 0:c:fc:0:3e:de 0:14:4f:a6:d2:68 0:14:4f:a6:d2:69 0:14:4f:a6:d2:6a 0:14:4f:a6:d2:6b
s12 0746AMT052 00:0c:fc:00:47:2e 0:14:4f:a6:d1:d8 0:14:4f:a6:d1:d9 0:14:4f:a6:d1:da 0:14:4f:a6:d1:db
s13 0726AMT042          
mds020 1137FMM0H5 0:21:28:c1:38:27 0:21:28:c1:38:28    
mds010 0950QBU010 0:60:dd:46:92:f0 0:60:dd:46:92:f1 0:21:28:6b:8b:5a 0:21:28:6b:8b:5b
hsm001 0950QBD00E 0:60:dd:46:92:d6 0:60:dd:46:92:d7 0:21:28:50:30:3e  
hsm002 0950QBD00C 0:60:dd:46:92:e6 0:60:dd:46:92:e7 0:21:28:6b:84:26  
hsm003 0950QBD00D 0:60:dd:46:92:d4 0:60:dd:46:92:d5 0:21:28:6b:86:3e
hsm004 0950QBD00B 0:60:dd:46:50:ee 0:60:dd:46:50:ef 0:21:28:6b:8a:c2  
hsm005 0950QBD00F 0:60:dd:46:92:de 0:60:dd:46:92:df 0:0:0:0:0:0  
hsm006 0950QBD010 0:60:dd:46:92:e8 0:60:dd:46:92:e9 0:0:0:0:0:0  


  • s08 originally had the serial number 0746AMT004, on 2008-10-14 the chassis/backplane was exchanged, thus the serial number of the box changed.
-- CarstenAulbert - 16 Jun 2008
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