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Enable blastwave package repository

 pkgadd -d

With this you can install nice tools such as gtar, gcc, wget with
 pkg-get install wget

Create user for LDR

 groupadd -g 16000 hanrobot
 useradd -c "Hannover LDR robot" -d /export/home/hanrobot -e "" -f 0 -g hanrobot -m -s /bin/bash hanrobot
 passw hanrobot

Maybe you want to add
to /etc/default/login as well.

Install LDR

Add software by root

As root install python, wget and gtar from the blastwave repo
 pkg-get install python wget gtar

Create directory where LDR will reside
 mkdir -p /zpool1/LDR
 chown hanrobot /zpool1/LDR

Start install as hanrobot

 export LDR_LOCATION=/zpool/LDR

Set-up pacman

 wget -nd
 gunzip pacman-3.21.tar.gz
 tar -xf pacman-3.21.tar
 source pacman-3.21/

Install LDR specific packages

Install LDR environment (answer yes to the question about trusted.cache):
 pacman -get

Install LDR-MySQL:
 pacman -get

Stops here, X4500 currently not supported frown, sad smile
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