HP switch mapping

CC3E5FCF11D8 mgs039b
CC3E5FCF4968 mgs043b
CC3E5FCF3778 mgs044b
CC3E5FCF2860 mgs045b
CC3E5FCF27F0 mgs046b
CC3E5FCF2A90 mgs047b
CC3E5FCF4B98 mgs048b
CC3E5FCF3A18 mgs049b
CC3E5FCF2DA0 mgs050b
CC3E5FCF13D0 mgs051b
CC3E5FCF4D90 mgs052b
CC3E5FCF4F18 mgs053b
CC3E5FCF1398 mgs054b
CC3E5FCF4BD0 mgs055b
CC3E5FCF3708 mgs056b
CC3E5FCF4A10 mgs061b
CC3E5FCF5030 mgs062b
CC3E5FCF17F8 mgs063b
CC3E5FCF2EF0 mgs064b
CC3E5F8BC01B mgs065b
CC3E5FCF1018 mgs066b
CC3E5FCF3740 mgs067b
CC3E5FCF1B40 mgs068b
CC3E5FCF37E8 mgs069b
CC3E5FCF11A0 mgs070b
CC3E5FCF3698 mgs071b
CC3E5FCF2358 mgs072b
CC3E5FCF3200 mgs073b
CC3E5FCF36D0 mgs074b
CC3E5FCF35B8 mgs075b
CC3E5FCF3890 mgs076b
CC3E5FCF10F8 mgs077b
CC3E5FCF2FD0 mgs078b
CC3E5FCF2B00 mgs080b
CC3E5FCF4E38 mgs081b
CC3E5FCF3B68 mgs082b
CC3E5FCF4AF0 mgs083b
CC3E5FCF4FC0 mgs084b
CC3E5FCF4F50 mgs085b
CC3E5FCF17C0 mgs086b
CC3E5FCF3820 mgs087b
CC3E5FCF2F98 mgs088b
CC3E5FCF3350 mgs089b
CC3E5FCF2D68 mgs090b
CC3E5FCF3580 mgs091b
CC3E5FCF31C8 mgs092b
CC3E5FCF1BB0 mgs039t
CC3E5FCF3BD8 mgs043t
CC3E5FCF4FF8 mgs044t
CC3E5FCF1E18 mgs045t
CC3E5FCF2048 mgs046t
CC3E5FCF4D20 mgs047t
CC3E5FCF4C78 mgs048t
CC3E5FCF1788 mgs049t
CC3E5FCF2C18 mgs050t
CC3E5FCF4E00 mgs051t
CC3E5FCF4B60 mgs052t
CC3E5FCF4EE0 mgs053t
CC3E5FCF3CF0 mgs054t
CC3E5FCF3858 mgs055t
CC3E5FCF0CD0 mgs056t
CC3E5FCF14E8 mgs057t
CC3E5FCF3008 mgs061t
CC3E5FCF2A58 mgs062t
CC3E5FCF3D28 mgs063t
CC3E5FCF49A0 mgs064t
CC3E5FCF3C48 mgs065t
CC3E5FCF29E8 mgs066t
CC3E5FCF0F00 mgs067t
CC3E5FCF3B30 mgs068t
CC3E5FCF1670 mgs069t
CC3E5FCF3938 mgs070t
CC3E5FCF4DC8 mgs071t
CC3E5FCF1BE8 mgs072t
CC3E5F8BEB6B mgs073t
CC3E5FCF4D58 mgs074t
CC3E5FCF4E70 mgs075t
CC3E5FCF4CE8 mgs076t
CC3E5FCF1A60 mgs077t
CC3E5FCF0AD8 mgs078t
CC3E5FCF33C0 mgs080t
CC3E5FCF2C50 mgs081t
CC3E5FCF32E0 mgs082t
CC3E5FCF30E8 mgs083t
CC3E5FCF4C08 mgs084t
CC3E5FCF2DD8 mgs085t
CC3E5FCF2E80 mgs086t
CC3E5FCF3040 mgs087t
CC3E5FCF33F8 mgs088t
CC3E5FCF3628 mgs089t
CC3E5FCF4930 mgs090t
CC3E5FCF2A20 mgs091t
CC3E5FCF14B0 mgs092t
CC3E5FCF2198 mgs102t

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