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Test on two kinds of management switches AlliedTelesis AT-750/48 and Linksys SRW248, both have 48-Ports 10/100T and 4 gigabit uplink ports.

AlliedTelesis AT-750/48

Only provides web-based configure interface(default IP is It is working with firefox but requirs Java Runtime environment plugin installed to view statistics chart. Test: I have installed and enable Java plugins, but still cannot view the statistic data.

SNMP capable:

snmpwalk -v1 -c public

snmpwalk -v1 -c public system

Function and Configutation choice: IP, username, IP access list, Port (mode auto, half/ful, flow control),Spanning Tree (STP,RSTP), Trunking, Mirror IGMP snooping, Bandwidth control(ingress, egress, multicase, broadcast on port), MAC address access control, VLAN(port-based, tagged VLAN), CoS, SNMP, Security(Port access acontrol, RADIUS,) Statistic date(traffic comparision, error Group, historical data), reboot, firmware update,

Linksys SRW248

Accessing by console or telnet ( is working. The available configuration choice: IP, username, serial port, telnet, ssh, Port,SSL, ping & traceroute test,firmware update, reboot. No SNMP configuration available.

Accessing by ssh is not working because of the problem as followings:
          ssh_rsa_verify: RSA modulus too small: 512 < minimum 768 bits
          key_verify failed for server_host_key
The 512 setting on switch side is not changeable. You have to change on the SSH client side. I have not figured out this.

Accessing by web is not working with Firefox, working with IE. Another choice is to install ies4linux (Here is a guild.[27]) Except all those configuration choice through telnet/ssh/console, it provides additional choice: VLAN, LINK Aggregation, Spanning tree,IGMP snooping, SNMP,Jumbo frame, port mirror, logs, statistic (device utilization, error,drop, collision, broadcast,port utilization) ACL(based on IP, port, TCP Flag,MAC), security (RADIUS, TACACS, port), SNTP,strom control, cos setting.

From the function point of view, Linksys switch is similar to AlliedTelesis switch, with a bit of more choice, eg. SNTP, TACAS.
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