Dangers when sourcing the Matlab runtime environment


When sourcing the Matlab runtime environment (currently /opt/matlab/2008a/MCR/MCRSetup_R2008a_glnxa64.sh or /opt/matlab/2008a/MCR/MCRSetup_R2008a_glnxa64.csh on Atlas) this might interfere when compiling codes or running dynamically linked binaries. Especially, libz or libfftw3 have caused problems in the past, resulting in spurious segmentation faults when running the codes.

The problem is that LD_LIBRARY_PATH might prefer to use the wrong libraries.


For fully dynamically linked binaries running ldd against it should reveal the problem. If you don't need matlab, don't source it. Our suggestion would be to not source the matlab source file by default.

-- CarstenAulbert - 10 Jun 2009

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Title Possible danger when Matlab's LD_LIBRARY_PATH might interfere with system libraries
Description Matlab's environment variables might set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to use Matlab's (outdated) libraries which might result in segfaults
Tags Matlab, environment, LD_LIBRARY_PATH
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