Collect evidence data for an Oracle case (HSM)

Based on based experience we should perform the following before restarting samd or even rebooting the machine:

  1. run explorer on MDS
  2. run samfsexplorer on MDS
  3. tar all traces and logs together (from /var/opt/SUNWsamfs/)
  4. prstat -p pid for all sam processes ps -ef | grep sam
  5. pstack pid for all sam processes
  6. truss -p process for all sam processes
  7. /usr/ucb/ps -aux
  8. ps -ef | grep sam
  9. gcore -o filename process-id for all sam processes
  10. save binary which supposedly causes the problem (e.g. sam-archiverd for archiver problems...)
  11. finally the files from pldd core_file_name

-- CarstenAulbert - 25 Mar 2011

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Title Collect data for Oracle SAMFS cases
Description Gather as much post-mortem data as possible before openeing a case
Tags oracle, samfs
Category Developer
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