Planned steps for Atlas

Update to Wheezy

Steps to perform:
  • get new head nodes up and running
  • reinstall all old nodes a0101...a3842, gpu001...gpu0XX
  • upgrade kernel on existing nodes

Upgrade Condor

  • to 8.0.8(?)


  • free samqfs/LDR
  • resort to new structure, format see below, dump/restore in A3 (fleshless)
  • create metadata spaces for K/L/M/N on x4-2l
  • create L1, move qfs01/2/3, E1 to L1
  • create K1, move A3 (GEO/LSC) to K1
  • move A[124]/B[1234] temporarily to L1
  • create M1, M2, move C[1234]/D[1234] to M[12]
  • create N1, N2, start shuffling users around
  • transfer users from thumpers
  • final plans for x4-2l:
    • file system K1: 6780 based - GEO/LSC/Gerrit/archive (A4)/einstein (C4)/cornell(D4)
    • file system L1: DDN 2TB drives - users
    • file system M[12]: DDN 3TB drives - users
    • file system N[12]: DDN 3TB drives - users

HSM structure

file conversion:

H-1_H1_1800SFT_fromCWINJ_TOT_SET2-971596641-1800.sft --> H/1_H1_1800SFT_fromCWINJ_TOT_SET2/09715/H-1_H1_1800SFT_fromCWINJ_TOT_SET2-971596641-1800.sft


-- CarstenAulbert - 20 Jun 2014
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