ProCurve Switch 1800


Visit for more detailed information on the 1800 Switch familiy.

Feature comparison

Feature 8 port - 8G 24 Port - 24G
Latency for 100Mb, 64byte packet 3.9µs 4.7µs
Latency for 1000Mb, 64byte packet 2.1µs 3.0µs
Switching Capacity 16Gbps 64Gbps
Trunks 4 12
max. ports/Trunk 8 8
Througput, 64byte packet 11.9 million packets/s 35.7 million packets/s
Packetbuffersize 144Kb 500kB


One can link devices to a trunk, they'll act as one aggregated virtual link.


  • We have to check if this feature works together with channel bonding, leads to performance increase or decrease.


One can crete logical partitions of the physical LAN. 64VLANS are supported. They can be applied to Trunks, as well as to single ports.
  • Ports can be in different VLANS
  • VLAN Packets can be tagged. So they only will be delivered inside the VLAN. As Nodes can't tag or recive tagged packets, this feature is for switch-switch connections only.
  • There is something like PVID...


  • We have to check how VLANS help to increase the Throughput and how it works with channel bonding.


SNMP for is read only. No configuration can be made.


Disable "Rate Limits"! Otherwise there may be problems with the DHCP-communication!

in Use

There are two 24port and one 8port Switch installed in the test Rack.They can be configured by Browser,,
or over their forwarded Ports at,50080,60080

By default the Ip is and therefore not accessible from our Subnet. Now the IP is aquired via Dhcp.

I failed accessing the Page via links2, the output is unreadable.

Nmap Dump for the Switch:
 Interesting ports on
 Not shown: 1686 closed ports
 32/tcp   filtered unknown2
 34/tcp   filtered unknown
 80/tcp   open     http
 278/tcp  filtered unknown
 412/tcp  filtered synoptics-trap
 628/tcp  filtered qmqp
 794/tcp  filtered unknown
 1015/tcp filtered unknown
 1362/tcp filtered timeflies
 1410/tcp filtered hiq
 2600/tcp filtered zebrasrv
 MAC Address: 00:16:B9:C6:00:80 (ProCurve Networking)
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