How to rescue data from a broken disk

If a disk is "only" throwing errors, but is not entirely dead yet, dd might help, but can cause a lot of grief. This recipe might help:

  1. boot with GRML, use the forensic option
  2. this might take a while, but this wait is worth while
  3. mount a remote NFs share where you can write as root
  4. in a screen environment use ddrescue, e.g. trying to rescue sda6: ddrescue -r5 /dev/sda6 /nfs/mount/file logfile
  5. here logfile will keep track of the progress n case you need to CTRL-C the job

Afterwards you should have a disk image of that partition on the NFS server.

Word of caution! When trying to repair the file system of the image, first make another copy!

-- CarstenAulbert - 05 May 2010

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Title Rescue data from dyig disk
Description Use ddrescue to get data from a disk about to die
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