How to export/import tapes from SL3000

Export tapes

Explanatory task: tapes from the secondary copy of a file system should be exported
  • Log into metadata server
  • identify which tapes could be exported, e.g. if in /etc/opt/SUNWsamfs/archiver.cmd the file system under question is listed as
ssq05_LTO4____2 li 040[4,5,6,8,9][0-9][0,2,4,6,8] 041[0,1][0-9][0,2,4,6,8]  #NOTAPE #
try finding full tapes via
samcmd v | egrep '(040[4,5,6,8,9][0-9][0,2,4,6,8]|041[0,1][0-9][0,2,4,6,8])'|grep -v ERROR | awk '/100%/ {print $7"."$8}'|sort
  • Use samexport . for each medium

Fully automatically (25 tapes, maximum of SL3000 CAP):

samcmd v | egrep '(040[4,5,6,8,9][0-9][0,2,4,6,8]|041[0,1][0-9][0,2,4,6,8])'|grep -v ERROR | awk '/100%/ {print $7"."$8}'|sort |head -25|xargs -n 1 samexport

Wait until robot is done, then you may remove the tapes from the CAP.

Import tapes

  • Place all new cartridges into CAP
  • close CAP
  • call samimport 1200 (1200 is the robot)
  • you should be set

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Title How to export/import tapes from SL3000
Description If tapes need to be offloaded from the library or imported again, try folloing these simple steps
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