IP Scheme for Servers (Etch)

This is an IP Scheme for Servers. For an IP Scheme of the Management and Data Network, refer here. For a scheme of Lenny Servers, refer here. For a scheme of Squeeze servers, refer here.


machine mgmt data external IPMI RAID description
name IP iface FQDN IP ifaceSorted ascending FQDN IP iface FQDN IP FQDN IP FQDN
einstein-db eth0 einstein-db.AL eth1 einstein-db.AU ipeinstein-db.AL     Database replica for Einstein@Home
einstein-dl eth0 einstein-dl.AL eth1 einstein-dl.AU ipeinstein-dl.AL     Download server for Einstein@Home
fai eth0 mgfai.AL eth1 fai.AL ipfai.AL     FAI etch server, dhcp mgmt. and data network
atlasdb eth3 mgatlasdb.AL eth1 atlasdb.AL eth0 atlasdb.I ipatlasdb.AL     AtlasDB monitoring the status of the cluster internally
monitor eth0 mgmonitor.AL eth1 monitor.AL ipmonitor.AL     Monitor server for Atlas
postfix eth0 mgpostfix.AL eth1 postfix.AL ippostfix.AL     Mail server
nutserver eth0 mgnutserver.AL eth1 nutserver.AL ipnutserver.AL     NUT daemon

.AL: .atlas.local, .AAU: .atlas.aei.uni-hannover.de, .AU: .aei.uni-hannover.de, .I: .aei.uni-hannover.de (internal 10.117/16 network)
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