Services we want/need to offer

Please write down a list of services which we want/need to host along with the contact person who requested this and a brief description if necessary. Please link to a more detailed page from here, explaining what this is and why it is important. For the sake of completeness please use color codes to show if the service has been implemented or not or if work is being done on it. Also, please try to keep this list ordered alphabetically!

service program contact statusSorted ascending computer description
NUT nut MS almost done nutserv Computer monitoring the UPS status, alert/shutdown systems
Apt-repository reprepro HF done apt-repository Repository for Debian packages
git-repository git RP done n0 Central repositories for git projects
SVN-repository subversion CA done n0 Central repositories for SVN projects
Wiki mediawiki HP done n0 Central repository for all our knowledge and experience ;)
fai fai HF in transit faiserv Installation of FAI which allows automatic installation of cluster nodes
email postfix/exim/courier/... CA undecided ? Fully featured mailserver (SMTP, IMAPS) for our group (including anti-spam measures)
mailing lists mailman/sympa/... CA undecided ? Listserver

CA: Carsten Aulbert CM: Chris Messenger HF: Henning Fehrmann HP: Henning Perl MS: Miroslav Shaltev RP: Reinhard Prix
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