First steps with Solaris 11

I'm using the old x4440 machine, booting off a solaris 11 CD based on sol-11_1-text-x86.iso. You must exit the grub countdown with ESC if you use ILOM, then select "Install Solaris 11 ttya". Note that the ILOM SP must use the 9600 baud rate, otehrwise it won't work.

Just follow the steps for the fully manual install (note: select VT100 instead of sun-color terminal).

add second disk to zpool

zpool attach rpool c9t0d0 c9t1d0

Package upgrades:

get a key/cert combo according to this doc:

And follow instructions given when retrieving the certificates, in short:

mkdir -m 0755 -p /var/pkg/ssl
cp -i /path/to/Oracle_Solaris_11_Support.key.pem /var/pkg/ssl
cp -i /path/to/Oracle_Solaris_11_Support.certificate.pem /var/pkg/ssl
pkg set-publisher \
    	    -k /var/pkg/ssl/Oracle_Solaris_11_Support.key.pem \
       	    -c /var/pkg/ssl/Oracle_Solaris_11_Support.certificate.pem \
       	    -G '*' -g solaris

-- CarstenAulbert - 11 Dec 2013
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