Superseed sendmail with postfix on Solaris 10

  1. update blastwave packages: pkgutil -u
  2. install postfix: pkgutil -i postfix
  3. disable sendmail: scvadm disable sendmail
  4. edit postfix's configuration (see below)
  5. start postfix: svcadm enable cswpostfix

Customize postfix

  1. edit /etc/opt/csw/postfix/aliases and edit the root: line
  2. run newaliases
  3. local config changes for /etc/opt/csw/postfix/
< #myorigin = $myhostname
> myorigin =
< #relayhost = $mydomain
> relayhost = postfix.atlas.local

DocumentationForm edit

Title Superseeding sendmail with postfix on Solaris
Description To evade sendmail's cryptic log files, install postfix from Blastwave!
Tags soalris, postfix, sendmail
Category Admin
Topic revision: r2 - 10 Feb 2012, ArthurVarkentin
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