In order to convert existent SVN-repositories to git there are a few simple steps to take. First of all you'll need the following tools (if not already available)

  • git (apt-get git-core)
  • subversion (you obviously should already have that)

That's not too much, is it? Now given you have the svn-repository "foo" and want to convert it to "bar.git", all you have to do is

This step might take a while depending on the number of commits in your obsolete repository.

So what happens to all the important commits that were made while your machine was busy cloning the repository? No problem there, just use

  • git-svn rebase

once and you should be ready.

-- AlexPost - 27 Mar 2009

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Title How to convert SVN-repositories to git
Description This page describes which tools and commands are needed to convert a SVN-repository to git
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