For Squeeze

all need to be performed in a chroot, i.e. run
cowbuilder --update --basepath /var/cache/pbuilder/base.squeeze.amd64.cow/    

# prepare environment
apt-get -y install xorg-dev procps rsync build-essential nfs-common
mkdir -p /opt/matlab
mount repo:/opt/matlab /opt/matlab
export LM_LICENSE_FILE=/opt/matlab/default/etc/license.dat
export PATH=${PATH}:/opt/matlab/default/bin

# remember how the file system looked before we did anything
cd /
find bin boot etc home lib sbin srv tmp usr var > filelist.orig

mkdir /root/tmp
cd /root/tmp
tar xmf ligotools_init_2.4.tar

echo -e "/usr\n\n\n\n\n\n\n" | ./ligotools_init
eval `/usr/bin/use_ligotools`

# this was patched by us, so don't get it from caltech
wget http://repo/misc/tclexe_8.4.7_SOURCE.tar.gz
echo y | ligotools_install tclexe_8.4.7_SOURCE.tar.gz
echo -e "y\ny\ny\ny\ny\ny\ny\ny\ny\ny\ny\ny\ny\ny\ny\nyes\n" | ligotools_update

# now we need to package it

mkdir -p /ligotools/opt/lscsoft
cd /ligotools
rsync -a /opt/lscsoft/ligotools opt/lscsoft
mkdir -p etc/profile.d/
cat <<EOF > etc/profile.d/
eval \`/opt/lscsoft/ligotools/bin/use_ligotools\`
cp etc/profile.d/ etc/profile.d/ligotools.csh

mkdir DEBIAN

export TODAY=$( date +%Y%m%d )
export ARCH=$( dpkg-architecture -qDEB_BUILD_ARCH )
export  VER=${TODAY}-1

cat <<EOF > DEBIAN/control
Package: ligotools
Architecture: $ARCH
Section: lscsoft
Version: $VER
Maintainer: Carsten Aulbert <>
Priority: Extra
Depends: libx11-6, libxau6, libxdmcp6, libc6, libxcb-xlib0, libxcb1 
Description: LIGOtools - auxilliary programs for analyzing GW data
 This package contains the latest LIGOtools program distribution

find etc opt -type f -exec md5sum {} \; > DEBIAN/md5sums
cd ..
tar cz -C ligotools/DEBIAN -f control.tar.gz .
tar cz -C ligotools/DEBIAN -f control.tar.gz .
tar cz --exclude=DEBIAN -C ligotools  -f data.tar.gz .
echo 2.0 > debian-binary
ar rcu ligotools_${VER}_${ARCH}.deb debian-binary control.tar.gz data.tar.gz

To find shared libraries:

for i in `find . -type f -executable | xargs ldd| awk '/0x/ {print $1}'|sort | uniq`; do echo -e "**** $i *********"; apt-file search $i; done
-- CarstenAulbert - 07 Jul 2009
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