Cheat sheet for rebooting E@H machines in Hannover

If the E@H machines need to be rebooted (e.g. kernel upgrade) here's the proper ordering:

Isolated machines

The following machines are usually safe to reboot as they are isolated:

  • einstein2
  • einstein7
  • einstein9 (GW post-processing, coordinate w. Bernd,HB)

main (connected) servers

  1. disable pre-processing (Ben)
  2. disable WUGs on einstein4 (edit config.xml and commit) (Bernd)
  3. update/reboot einstein1/3/6 (Carsten)
  4. pre-processing may be restarted (Ben)
  5. stop E@H on einstein.uwm and A@H on albert.uwm (Bernd)
  6. update/reboot einstein4 (Carsten)
  7. shutdown SQL on einstein-db1/2/3 (Olli)
  8. update/reboot VPN1/2 (Carsten)
  9. update einstein-db1/2/3 (Carsten)
  10. start projects @UWM (Bernd)
  11. enable WUGs on einstein4 (revert commit) (Bernd)
  12. back to production

einstein5 depends on current mode of operation: currently it's isolated, when it actually hosts a running project, the project needs to be stopped there instead of at UWM, and the machine needs to be rebooted together with einstein4.

-- CarstenAulbert - 06 May 2014
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