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Working Schedule for UPS test on July 14th, 2008 The "Plan" This is a rough plan of actions which need to be performed on that day (all times are CEST=UTC 0200) ...
How to add a new host (salt era) This example will use einstein12 as a sample machine which before was known as ra15. Before you begin, you need to have ssh agent...
AddNewUser How to add a new user All this is now done by from our git repo! The remaining stuff here is done for the fictitious user foo BAR, an...
1.: Uns wurde gesagt, dass zu wartende Teile eine Gewährleistungsdauer von 2 Jahre habe. Nicht zu wartende Teile haben eine Gewährleistungsdauer von 5 Jahren. Dur...
Apache Limit access to certain directories: Add AllowOverride AuthConfig in your config section in httpd.conf or where you define your servers. In the limit...
Apt proxy Category:Linux The apt proxy is running on n0, reachable via or both at port 9999 To Use it, add to your /etc/apt/sources.list...
NEW - 19 Jul 2007 - 12:47 by MatthiasLInden
apt repository abstract The apt repository is local debian repository containing self made debian packages. installation call aptitude install reprepro instal...
Aptly For the new LDG repo set , we are trying to use aptly as a potential successor to reprepro. The goals are: * support various Debian and Ubuntu releases ...
Areca test 1 Abstract damage the raid area to test the error recovery function Initial setup Raid Subsystem Information Controller Name ARC 1261 Firmware Vers...
NEW - 02 Feb 2008 - 11:03 by Shaltev
Areca test 2 * first see areca_test_1 Abstract check if the controller repair the drive while reading bad sectors HDD prepare * use the same setup like in...
NEW - 02 Feb 2008 - 11:04 by Shaltev
Areca test 3 Abstract check if the controller does auto rebuild Test steps * there was a running rebuild, so i first powered off init 0 * the drive in r...
NEW - 02 Feb 2008 - 11:04 by Shaltev
Areca test 4 Abstract confirm that the controller automatically repair bad sectorts, without need of manual volume check Test steps * turn off the storage ...
NEW - 04 Feb 2008 - 09:43 by Shaltev
Atlas Boinc Condor Scheduling As Condor's fetchwork does not seem to work with dynamic slots, we are working on our own "scheduling" system for BOINC Initial tho...
Though ATLAS has strong data servers, accessing files fon the local harddrive of the nodes is much faster, and given that you could read files in parallel accessi...
r4 - 25 Jun 2008 - 14:01 by OliverBock
Atlas Server Matrix This matrix tries to summarize the current situation of Atlas, i.e. which server are available name cores freq RAM disk CE CS ...
Summary of Atlas Servers/Services If you want a quick overview, please refer to our server matrix page, otherwise just read on. External machines/services Head ...
Small tour of Atlas Atlas is a computer cluster situated in the basement of a university building near the Max Planck institute in Hannover. Since the ceiling is ...
Automake The GNU Automake and Autoconf tool exist to generate the configure and makefiles needed to compile from source. This is mostly the case when the source i...
Automatic environment setup Introduction After the upgrade to Debian Lenny, we finally offer the psosiblity to automatically set up your environment. This is bei...
Automating telnet Here a quick and dirty bash script, showing how you could automate some configuration tasks to be done in a menu based telnet session. E.g. to d...
Automount atoumount using autofs: 1. enable automount in kernel 2. install autofs 3. edit /etc/auto.master /wtm /etc/auto.wtm 4. edit /etc/auto.wtm keywor...
NEW - 26 Oct 2007 - 09:19 by Shaltev
Data available via LDR Our LDR server is named ldr.aei.uni (externally) and ldr.atlas.local (internally). You may need to use this environment variabl...
BACnet BACnet is a facility management protocol. The 'outside cooling' uses BACnet over IP. The Protocol is transmittet via UDP packets. BACnet4linux The BACnet4...
Benchmarking bcache Evaluating if bcache can/should be used on our compute nodes. Benchmarking was performed with iozone (revision 3.397) with the command line io...
BIOS SuperMicro Although it is possible at least on AMD based A servers to flash the BIOS using the flashrom tool, it is unfortunately impossible to use /de...
NEW - 07 Aug 2007 - 08:25 by Carsten
All times given are in UTC, usage and backup sizes in full GByte. If the last backup was done within the past 48hrs the times are green, otherwise red. Main.Ca...
How to backup (and restore) a SVN repository Backup First create a hotcopy somewhere where enough free space is available: mkdir /tmp/hotcopy svnadmin hotcopy ...
HOST: d01 available: 0.96TB used: 8.41TB files: 5338566 DONE
HOST: d04 available: 2.58TB used: 6.78TB files: 24989199 DONE
HOST: d05 available: 1.14TB used: 8.23TB files: 63203 DONE
HOST: d06 available: 6.94TB used: 2.43TB files: 52640 DONE
HOST: d07 available: 7.10TB used: 2.27TB files: 59028 DONE
HOST: d09 available: 4.04TB used: 5.33TB files: 88120 DONE
HOST: d10 available: 15.65TB used: 9.64TB files: 284890 DONE
HOST: d11 available: 15.65TB used: 9.63TB files: 284140 DONE
HOST: d14 available: 0.00TB used: 9.37TB files: 276869 DONE
HOST: d15 available: 0.00TB used: 9.37TB files: 276439 DONE
HOST: d16 available: 0.00TB used: 9.37TB files: 276919 DONE
HOST: d17 available: 0.00TB used: 9.37TB files: 276361 DONE
HOST: d18 available: 0.00TB used: 9.37TB files: 276719 DONE
HOST: d19 available: 0.00TB used: 9.37TB files: 276313 DONE
HOST: d20 available: 2.47TB used: 6.90TB files: 112397 DONE
HOST: d21 available: 0.00TB used: 9.37TB files: 169414 DONE
HOST: d22 available: 0.00TB used: 9.37TB files: 168579 DONE
HOST: d24 available: 0.00TB used: 9.37TB files: 168572 DONE
HOST: d25 available: 0.00TB used: 9.37TB files: 169076 DONE
HOST: d26 available: 0.00TB used: 9.37TB files: 168077 DONE
HOST: d27 available: 0.00TB used: 9.37TB files: 169635 DONE
HOST: d28 available: 0.00TB used: 9.37TB files: 169080 DONE
HOST: d30 available: 1.87TB used: 7.49TB files: 12820263 DONE
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